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Sales & Marketing


Running Your Business

Having turn-key, persuasive and inexpensive ways to generate more leads and prospects for my products or services.
Developing a clear and powerful set of both personal and business goals and having a vision for my company.
A step-by-step marketing plan that significantly increases my new customers, revenues and profits without taking all my energy away from day-to-day business.
To get myself the freedom of more time away from the business, still knowing it is growing and creating more, and more, profits without me there.
Creating customer focused advertising and online marketing strategies to draw willing buyers to my business every week.
To help me understand how to re-invest my profits back into the business or how to take profits and invest them for passive income outside of my business.
The most effective sales appeal for my products and services that uniquely sets my business head and shoulders above my competition.
Getting a solid business plan of action so I and my team are focused on doing what matters, what is important and what will get the biggest results.
To build a more motivated, professional and profitable sales or telemarketing force that creates a far stronger sales conversion and average sale value.
To get the business and my people to a stage where they can run it profitably so I can take some time out each week and vacation each year.
Having a strategy that will compel my former and even inactive customers to come back and buy from me again and again.
Developing a straight forward succession plan so I can replace myself with the right people, at the right time and allow them to run it without me.
Boosting the average sale value and creating a far better sales result from every customer we are already doing business with.
Expanding the operation to multiple outlets or multiple territories so I can take advantage of an already solid and profitable business model.
Introducing new and more profitable product lines or services to both win new customers and extend the value we provide our existing ones.
Creating a franchise system that both sells and creates profitable franchisees who can afford to pay me serious royalties.

Team Building & Leadership

Assistance with taking the company international to profit from global markets, global costs and global currency values.
Helping me develop and build strong leadership skills and attributes so I can, not just manage, but truly lead my people and my company.


To help me find or re-find my passion and get my heart and mind back focused on enjoying running and building the business again.
Having a system for controlling, managing and reporting the company finances so I can know I am building real profits.
Using a recruiting system that is both efficient and effective to help me add the right, motivated, great people to my team.
Working ´ON´ my business rather than ´IN´ it and create a systems dependent company rather than a people dependant one.
Developing an ongoing training system so people are more effective and more productive at their jobs and, some are ready for promotion as the company grows.
Developing an organizational chart and position descriptions and getting the company administration handled.
Training my team so they deliver superior levels of customer service and create raving fans and repeat buyers time after time.
Building consistency of delivery into my products/services giving better levels of service and more rewarding customer experiences.
Helping me and my team get better use of our time and stop working reactively, putting out fires, and become more pro-active about building the company.


Having a Hotline to a great coach who can help me stay focused, answer my most important business questions and help me grow the business.

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