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Please list some of the frustrations your clients have when dealing with your industry: For example tradespeople turning up late and leaving a mess
What do you do differently ... What makes you stand out from your competitors?
How do you generate leads for your business and how successful these mediums have been?
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What is your monthly Marketing Budget for generating new business inquiries?
Of the customers who purchased from you, how many do you have on a database?
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How many of these customers would you class as active?
How often would the average customer buy from you?
Out of every 10 leads, how many do you convert to customers?
Is your Conversion rate from Leads to Sale Estimate or Measured?  
If you had 1 wish for your Sales and Marketing in the next 30 days, what would it be?
Which of the following mediums do you use consistently to keep in contact with your customers?
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Letters   Gifts/Coupons
Newsletter   Promotional items
Invoices   Catalogues
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What is the value of your current average sale?
When was the last time you increased your prices and why?
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What is your current annual revenue?
What percentage growth has your business had in the last financial year? (percentage)
Do you suspect that your business revenue will increase or decrease in the next 12 months?  
By what percentage? (percentage)
What is the reason behind this forecast?
To ensure we cover the areas that are most important to you in your complimentary coaching session, simply select your top 5 priorities from the following list...
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Having a strategy that will compel my former and inactive customers to buy again and again from me.   A step-by-step marketing plan that will significantly increase my turnover and profits and free up my time and energy into other areas.
To develop the most effective and unique sales appeal for my product or service that will place me head and shoulders above the competition.   To use the telephone more profitably, by generating more sales from incoming and outgoing calls.
To become a more effective consultant in any field.   Develop customer-focused advertising copy that will draw willing customers, new and old, to my business.
A referral system that will turn my customers into my best sales people.   To create an irresistible direct mail campaign that will turn my mailbox into an unexpected profit centre.
Inspiration and motivation for me and my team to really put into place strategies that will get things going.  
Do you know another business owner who would benefit from a complimentary coaching session?  
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